Top interior trends this Autumn

With Summer now over and Autumn in full swing, get inspired to make your home your Autumn haven which will make your family and friends feel so welcome, they won’t want to leave.

Whether you want to completely make over your space, or incorporate trends through subtle changes, we’ve gathered the top interior trends that can transform your home into a stylish sanctuary this Autumn.

  • Jewel tones 

Topping our list of interior trends this Autumn are jewel tones.

From Peacock Blue to Emerald Green and Topaz Yellow, jewel tones command attention and add a splash of sophistication and luxury into your home. Allowing you to get creative and express yourself through colour, jewel tones can be easily incorporated into your décor.

Updating your artwork and decorative pieces is the perfect way to quickly and easily inject a splash of this top trend into your home this Autumn. Want a more statement look? Lighting, soft furnishing and elegant velvet sofas are all great ways to add richness, depth and a strong sense of style.

Get the look: Wayfair is the perfect place to get this top interior trend this Autumn. With a stunning range of jewel toned pillows and cushions, there is something for every style.

  • Layering

As the days get shorter and the air gets cooler, layering is an essential interior trend.

By creating the right mix of colour, texture and shapes, the art of layering can be perfectly executed to pull together a room.

Incorporate this top trend into your home this Autumn through differing pillows and layering rugs, allowing contrasting colours and textures to overlap. By layering different textiles, you can double the depth and texture of any room. Creating an inviting, cosy space to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Get the look: Scossa, Preston, has a beautiful range of designer rugs to offer your homes a luxury touch that suits any room and its décor.

  • Perfect patterns

Get ahead of the trends by incorporating patterns into your décor this Autumn.

Whilst the symmetrical harmony of geometric patterns never goes out of fashion. Maximalist patterns are due to be BIG in 2020, with bold colours and textures taking over.

Patterns are the perfect way to add drama and cosiness to living spaces this Autumn. Whether you go for a subtle accent of patterned crockery or striking statement through patterned wallpaper. Mixing colour, line and textured patterns can elevate your interior from regular to spectacular.

Get the look: Make your home a patterned palace at Anthropologie. With a stunning range of unique patterned home décor, Anthropologie offers everything you need to add a stylish touch to your home this autumn.

Or why not get creative and make your own patterned lampshade with Theofano Interior Design, Whalley, with one of their lampshade making courses! Helping you add a touch of handmade to your home.

  • Natural home

Taking cues from the fashion world, natural influences are a top interior trend this Autumn. Bring elements of the great outdoors in. Using natural elements and tones in your home really connects your home to its environment.

Using a neutral colour palette can bring more natural light around any room, making a room feel bigger and more spacious. Natural hues and textures are key in achieving a timeless, effortless look.

Whilst using natural textured baskets, planters and lampshades can help your home feel at one with nature whilst also being highly fashionable!

Looking for a simple touch this autumn? Natural Potpourri is the perfect way to incorporate this top interior trend whilst also adding a delicious seasonal scent to your home this Autumn.

Get the look: Spiced Pumpkin Pot Pourri from Fashion Designer, Laura Ashley is the perfect way to embrace the Autumn feeling in your home      .

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