Chipping Homes guide to the perfect summer garden

With summer finally here, at Chipping Homes we know the importance of making the most of your outdoor space to enjoy time in the hotter months with your friends and family. But is your garden summer-ready?

Don’t fear, we have you covered! We’ve put together our 6 top tips to help you make your garden the perfect place to relax over summer.


Up first in our guide to the perfect summer garden is fairy lighting! Not just for Christmas, fairy lights are the perfect summer lighting solution.

The magic simplicity of fairy lights create a fun and exciting ambience, whilst adding a splash of colour. There are plenty of solar panel fairy lights on the market which means that you won’t need to splash out on batteries either, and you can be happy in the knowledge that the sun is working day and night to make your garden fabulous.

Top tip: Wrap your fairy lights around tree branches or hook them evenly along your garden fences for a fabulous look.

Spruce up your shrubs

Express yourself and your personality by planting brightly coloured plants in your garden to lift the mood and make your garden a positive space to enjoy.

Colour greatly affects atmosphere and mood, helping give your garden an instant boost of energy and a lush seasonal feel (even when the sun doesn’t shine).

Top tip: Use a colour wheel to help you easily combine and complement your colour choices. Combine plants that flower at different times of the year so there is always something in bloom!

Garden furniture

Up next in our guide to the perfect summer garden is garden furniture. Gardens are an extra room in which you can relax, entertain and spend quality time with your family and friends. With the right garden furniture, you can turn your garden into your favourite space.

When selecting the perfect garden furniture, you must consider space, style, storage and usage. Will they be used fo be for relaxing, dining, entertaining or all three?

From sun loungers to large patio sets and hand-woven additions, investing in garden furniture which is comfy and durable as well as your personal taste and style is key.

Top tip: Dress up your garden furniture with bold bright cushions, blankets and accessories to give an extra element of style.

Alfresco cooking

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage… And who doesn’t agree that any food tastes better straight off the sizzling BBQ! In the summer months it is essential you’re ready for any garden party, relaxing slumber or impromptu BBQ.

Be BBQ ready. Clean your BBQ ahead of time, a jet washer is a perfect way to make sure yours is sparkling clean! Looking to invest in a new one? When choosing the best BBQ for you and yours, you need to consider what you’ll be cooking, how often and who for. Shop around too… There’s always a deal to be had, especially at this time of year.

Looking for something a little different? Pizza ovens are a revolutionary garden party success and a great way to cook up a quick, tasty treat.

Top tip: A fire pit is the perfect, sociable way to wind down if your BBQ is likely to carry on after sun-down.


Why not finish off the look around your patio furniture or alfresco cooking area with some outdoor candles or plant pots? Candles can be shown off in outdoor Hurricane Lights, or Citronella lights can be used to keep the flies at bay. A few colourful potted plants around a seating area can make space feel more like a room.

Water regularly

The final tip in our guide to the perfect summer garden is watering regularly.

Hydration is key to a happy, healthy lawn and garden. A luscious green lawn and proud standing plants add an instant wow factor to your garden.

Top tip: The best time of day for you to water your lawn and plants in the summer months is in the morning, to ensure as little water as possible is evaporated by the Sun and the water is available to the plants throughout the hot, sunny day.

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